Mission, Vision & Value


We are Westlund! Our strategic intent is to be the leading national distributor of industrial pipe, valves, and fittings to the Canadian market.


Total customer satisfaction …always; resulting in all of the business of those customers whom we choose as partners.


Fairness and Caring

Doing the right thing and being committed to the success of others. Showing others by our words and actions that we genuinely care about them personally and professionally.

Trust and Respect

Acting with integrity and leading by example. Always doing what we say we are going to do. Being trusting and respectful of others.

Straight Talk

Respectfully saying the things we really mean in a timely manner and in the spirit of fairness and support of others. Providing feedback and being committed to having the conversations that are needed.

Generous Listening

Listening carefully and deeply to ensure we fully understand each other. Being open to new ideas. Suspending our judgements in a way that encourages others to share their opinions and allows us to hear what others are truly saying.

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