Seaspan Victoria Shipyards

“On Behalf of the HCM Felex Program and the Victoria Shipyards Procurement team we are excited and proud to present this plaque, in our appreciation to you as recognition of your outstanding service. Your dedication has been a critical component that assisted in the successful execution of this program.”

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Norwest Construction

“Shoumen and his team have gone the extra mile where we are concerned and we use Westlund exclusively unless the item is not available through him immediately. In this area we have very little notice to procure and construct. Either you can do it or you can’t is the attitude and late is not and excuse.”

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“It is my pleasure to recommend Westlund as an Industrial PVF Supplier. Over the last five years the staff at Westlund has provided excellent customer service, support and products. With a knowledgeable staff and great response times Westlund has grown to be a key supplier. We look forward to working with Westlund on our future projects.”

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W.S. Nicholls

“With Westlund’s competitive pricing, knowledgeable staff, prompt service and delivery you have managed to remain as W.S. Nicholls’ #1 supplier of piping, fittings and valves for our many industrial projects. We look forward to what the future might bring and to continuing working closely with Westlund Industrial Supply for many years to come.”

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Wellons Canada

“It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Westlund Industrial. During the past seventeen of my years here at Wellons and many prior to that, our two companies have enjoyed a very valuable partnership which has been a key for success within our marketplace. Westlund has always been at the top of there game in terms of customer service and offers top notch quality and competitive pricing. I look forward to many more years working with Westlund.”

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Syncrude Canada Ltd.

“Westlund continuously provides top of the line products as dictated by our AML (approved manufactures list) and consistently meets our lead times and availability requirements. They have much knowledge as a whole and have consistently provided cost efficiencies and professional input with regards to our continuously changing specifications.”

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“We encountered significant operational failure in our mill… There were several people that were instrumental in making all of this happen in an expeditious manner… Rod (Westlund Branch Manager) responded immediately to our needs to arrange for shipment of pipe parts to allow the repairs to continue expeditiously… We would like to thank Westlund, in particular Rod McKay, for his commitment and cooperation during that very challenging and hectic time.”

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