The Westlund Way

Partnerships For Profitability

When you deal with Westlund, we learn your business so well that we become your colleagues, your partners. We’ll manage your materials for you throughout the entire process from where they’re produced to where they’re used. This includes:

  • the physical process – pick up, delivery, storage, disbursement
  • the strategic process – technical decisions re: application, specifications, financial management and inventory control.

Your needs are more important than our existing processes – we are flexible. We’re committed to communicating with you in whatever method works best for you: mail, fax, e-mail, EDI, web, portal, or 3D holographic laser image.

We build the same kinds of partnerships with our key vendors, to ensure that you get the best value from high quality products at competitive prices.

We’re Fast, Focused And Flexible

We are specialists serving specialists!

We’re set up for fast response and service; we’re focused on the needs of our targeted customers; and with 30+ branch locations across Canada, we’re flexible enough to serve our customers on a local, regional or national level.

As part of the Emco organization, we have access to a wide basket of goods in addition to our core industrial PVF products. We combine the reputation and business power of a major national with the precision of a best-of-breed, niche market expert.

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