Bonney Forge

Westlund has chosen Bonney Forge, as our main supplier of Forged Steel Products for over 10 years. We are dedicated in providing our Customers with the knowledge and experience it takes to fulfill their needs, Bonney Forge has given us the support to accomplish this task.

Bonney Forge was originally founded in 1876. As it evolved it soon became an Industry leader in manufacturing high quality products such as Forged Steel Fittings and Unions, Branch Connections, Forged Steel Valves, Cast Steel Valves and specialty products.

They currently manufacture in the United States, china and Italy. Serving several Industry sectors including Oil & Natural Gas, Power, Chemical, Refineries, Petro Chemical and Industrial Piping Plants.

Bonney Forge is an ISO 9001 Certified Company, which takes many measures to show that their products conform to Industry Standards. With a well-maintained Quality System in place, they strive to continuously improve their operations. Some of the additional benefits that Bonney Forge provides us are short delivery times, On-line access to Mill Test Reports and an Online Purchase Order Tracker.

These are only a few examples of why Westlund considers Bonney Forge to be our #1 Supplier of Forged Steel Products. With Bonney’s large selection of products & capabilities, we are able to provide our Customers with a high quality product that exceeds all expectations.


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