Key Partnerships

Victaulic logo

Victaulic is always on the front end of research and design when it comes to mechanical joint piping solutions, with innovations to help save time, money and make your workplace safer. Westlund is the catalyst that distributes these products to the end user. Click here to learn more about how Victaulic and Westlund combined ensure customer satisfaction. Learn more »

M A Stewart logo

M.A. Stewart is one of Canada’s largest master distributor of commercial and industrial valves. Westlund has a strong relationship with M.A. Stewart and bring their entire line of valves to the industrial market. Take a look at the various products Westlund and M.A. Stewart can supply to your next project or operation and how they can benefit your bottom line. Learn more »

Kitz logo

Kitz brand is a well trusted and respected brand in the valve industry. Kitz combines high quality at a fair price, ensuring you get the most value possible. Westlund is a stocking distributor of the Kitz line and is always interested in working with our customers to make sure we are prepared for your needs. Check out what Westlund and Kitz can offer you. Learn more »

Bonney Forge logo

Bonney Forge is the largest manufacture of forged steel in the industry. From valves to fittings Bonney Forge is synonymous with quality. Westlund stocks a plethora of Bonney Forge material so you can be sure that your requests are fulfilled in a timely manner. Take a look at what Bonney Forge and Westlund has to offer. Learn more »

Hayward logo

Hayward offers the highest quality of plastic valve products in the industry. Westlund works with Hayward to make sure your requests are taken care of. The new technology in the various plastics types has been rapidly improving, giving customers increased flexibility and choices of how they design new systems and processes. See how Hayward and Westlund can provide you with cost savings opportunities by using plastic materials. Learn more »

IPEX logo

Ipex is a well know name in industrial plastics. Westlund is continuously growing with Ipex to ensure customers are aware of the variety of plastic product offerings and how they can add value to your industrial process. Take a look of the Westlund and Ipex relationship and the products we have to offer you. Learn more »

Apollo Valves logo

Apollo is renowned for being primary North America made brand. This allows for a streamlined relationship between Westlund, Apollo and end users. You can be sure when you order Apollo you are getting a high quality product, domestic support, local inventory every time. Check out how Apollo can help with your needs. Learn more »

Cameron logo

Cameron is one of the world largest manufactures of valves and related products. Cameron has multiple valve lines to meet a variety of specifications. Westlund is continuously growing its Cameron portfolio and looks forward to helping you with any request you may have for Cameron products. Learn more »

Newmans logo

Newmans Valves are well known for their quality and durability. Westlund continues to provide customers with the opportunity to spec and purchase Newmans Valves into their next project. Our valve and actuation experts work with Newmans providing our customers top quality service. Click to learn more about how Westlund can supply your next Newmans inquiry. Learn more »

Sure-flow logo

Sureflow distinguishes itself from it competitors because of its high quality work and attention to detail. Sureflow has the engineering capabilities to design a strainer for any industrial application. Westlund brings these products and other Sureflow lines to our valued customers. See how Westlund and Sureflow can conform to your next strainer and valve specifications. Learn more »

PBV logo

PBV manufactures an array of superior valves for the most demanding industrial applications and environments. Westlund can provide you with any requirements you may have, making sure you get the highest quality of service at a very competitive price. Click here to learn more about how Westlund and PBV/DSI can add extreme value to your next valve request. Learn more »

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