Westlund and MAS have been partners in supplying the necessary Kitz products for the various industrial application processes of fluid control. Kitz is one of the world’s leaders in Valve Manufacturing with a reputation for outstanding quality. With the challenges ahead in the national and global economic environment Westlund and MAS are committed to bring originality and quality to the Petroleum Industry. Kitz’s emphasis on quality is proven with them becoming the first flow control equipment manufacturer to earn the ISO 9001 certification and the first Japanese valve manufacturer certified to carry the CE marking that is a requirement for the European Union.

Westlund utilizing Kitz Corporations valve line of gates, globes, checks, butterfly, and ball valves has a valve that will satisfy any need. Sizes range from ½ to 48”, with material from special alloys to carbon steel. With Westlund and MAS together and their worldwide network, we are able to meet our customer’s needs with the right product, a quality brand, great pricing and an accurate delivery schedule combined with after sales service keeping customer satisfaction high.

Westlund looks forward to finding the Kitz product that will work for you.


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