Westlund Kamloops

Kamloops, BC
950 McMaster Way, Kamloops, BC,
V2C 6K2
Phone: (250) 372-0186
Toll Free: (866) 616-8845
Fax: (250) 372-7929
Email: Kamloops@WestlundPVF.com
Website: westlundpvf.com/kamloops

Kamloops is a hub in BC for all point’s south and north outside of the lower mainland. Pipe, valves and pipe fittings are our main focus but we offer much more to the Industrial markets that we serve.

Market focus:

  • Mining – Open pit and under ground in the process, construction, development and exploration stages
  • Pulp, Paper, Lumber and Plywood Mills
  • Petroleum pipeline transmission, tank farms and reclamation
  • Industrial fabrication shops
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial and Commercial Fire Protection

Large inventory of specific items for this market segment:

  • Carbon steel pipe with plain, threaded and grooved ends in various schedules and multiple grades
  • Seamless weld fittings and flanges, pipe nipples, pipe hangers, rod and channel
  • Malleable iron, cast iron, forged steel and stainless steel
  • Largest wholesale mining inventory of Victaulic grooved fittings, valves and couplings in BC
  • Hose menders and adapters, mining stems, mining unions, restraint cables or whip checks
  • Punch lock clamps and cam-lock fittings
  • Header valves, ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, check valves and strainers
  • Gaskets in rubber, non asbestos and stainless steel flexitaulic
  • Stainless steel knife gates in manual and pneumatic actuation
  • Vic-Press SS fittings and valves
  • HDPE pipe and fittings. Including Victaulic adapters

Value added services:

  • We have a knowledgeable customer support team with over 75 years experience in the industrial and commercial process-piping field
  • Online mill test reports – MTR’s
  • Ability to source globally
  • We are the Industrial Division of the Emco Corporation with access to all of the Emco product lines including plumbing, heating, ventilation, waterworks and HDPE. One vendor who offers more supplies.

For a free quotation contact us via e-mail at Kamloops@WestlundPVF.com or call us toll free at the numbers above.

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