Kotyck Bros Brampton

80 Hale Road
Brampton, ON, L6W 3M1
Phone: (905) 595-1127
Email: bridgewell@kotyck.com
Website: kotyck.com

We provide plumbing, heating, hydraulic and industrial solutions to contractors, manufacturers, maintenance personnel, and distributors like you.

It’s more than parts – it’s the people with the knowledge to source and deliver quality products in a professional manner at a competitive price – it’s the service you can’t seem to find anywhere else.

We’re someone you can count on for pipe, valves, fittings, plumbing parts, hydronics (hot water heating), HVAC, hydraulics, and pneumatics.

We also cut, thread, or groove pipe; cut and assemble hydraulic and industrial hoses; do light fabrication; and provide emergency services.

Whether you’re in Mississauga or in Brampton, our counter staff are always available to help you identify a sample, solve a tough layout problem, or show you the latest hydraulic products we have to offer.

Or call up one of our sales reps and have them help you figure out a problem, look at your industrial hose needs, or see how that production line is running.


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