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WESTLUND/EMCO Water Solutions is a hybrid of the EMCO Waterworks division, and Westlund, the industrial division of EMCO Corporation. WESTLUND/EMCO Water Solutions distributes a complete line of name brand, high-quality products across Canada to serve the needs of both contractors and municipalities in all aspects of in-plant water and wastewater projects. Our unique product scope includes all the purchased goods inside the fence of the water and wastewater treatment facilities from the Pacific to Atlantic coast. The large vendor base of EMCO Corporation provides the platform for WESTLUND/EMCO Water Solutions' ability supply the largest bill of material available, backed up with our exceptional, world-class customer service. WESTLUND/EMCO Water Solutions' scope of supply includes pipe, valves, fittings, accessories, consumables and miscellaneous AWWA items. We are a one-stop shop for contractors, shut-down and turn-around personnel, large maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) group, construction projects, engineering and estimation FEED (front end engineering) and end-users direct. WESTLUND/EMCO Water Solutions is complimented by being the preferred official distributor of Victaulic brand of products including Vic Press.

For more information please click on the Pipe, Valves, Fittings & Flanges or Accessories tabs. Browse WESTLUND/EMCO Water Solutions Catalogues, Product Info Sheets, and Product Line Cards below. Click WESTLUND/EMCO Water Solutions' to visit contact information and project manager profiles.

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WESTLUND/EMCO Water Solutions carries a large selection of piping systems, with a variety of material available such as: ductile iron, carbon steel, stainless steel and PVC pressure pipe. Pipe connections can be supplied in plain, beveled, T&C, rolled or cut Victaulic grove ends; either as a single commodity or a complete package to include all valves and accessories. Although WESTLUND/EMCO Water Solutions focuses on in-plant products, we can also provide all pipe and fittings for buried applications leading up to new or existing structures. Pipe can also be supplied with coal tar epoxy, internal epoxy lining, yellow jacket (YJ) exterior or galvanized pipe coatings. Please check our Pipe Chart on our tools in our Westlund education section.

Carbon Steel Pipe

Black, Seamless, Welded: ERW, CW, DSAW, ESAW, Spiral Wound, Filament Wound, and Centrifugal Casting. A53 gr A, B, C, API 5L, High Yield Pipe in X42, X46, X52, X56, X60, X65, X70. A106 Gr A and B, A333 Gr 6, and Gr 359. Available schedule weights are S10, S20, S40, S80, S160, Standard, XH, and XXH. A139, A796, and CSA certifications.

Stainless Steel Pipe

Light, Standard and Heavy Wall, ERW, Seamless, 304(L), 316(L) and 317(L), Duplex, Super Duplex, Plain Ends, Threaded, Cut, Rolled Groove Ends. ASTM A-312/ASME SA-312, ASTM A-358/ASME SA-358, T304/L and T316/L Stainless in both the welded and seamless configuration.

Ductile Iron Pipe

Fabricated Ductile Pipe, Cement Mortar Lined, Glass Lined, Epoxy coated, Bell, Flange, Plain and Grooved AWWA C200, C205, C210, C222, C214, C151.

Plastic Pipe

ABS, CPVC, S40, S80 PVC Pressure Pipe, Double Containment, HDPE.

Copper Pipe

Type G, K, L and M tubing.

Cast Iron Soil Pipe

Plain end, Hub and Spigot ASTM A-888, A-74.

Fiberglass Pipe

Glass-fiber-reinforced thermosetting-resin, Glass-fiber-reinforced polymer mortar pipe. Thermosetting or thermoplastic resin, reinforced or unreinforced lining. AWWA C950-01.

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Visit WESTLUND/EMCO Water Solutions for all your in plant needs.

Process Valves (in plant)

  • Eccentric plug valves
  • AWWA butterfly valves
  • Flap valves
  • Mud valves
  • Pressure Relief valves
  • Pressure reducing valves
  • AWWA gate valves
  • AWWA check valves
  • AWWA double disc gate valves

Valves (yard piping)

  • Fire hydrants
  • AWWA gate valves
  • Tapping valves AWWA
  • AWWA butterfly valves
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WESTLUND/EMCO Water Solutions offers a wide range of fittings & flanges, including watermain fittings, waterworks brass, surface castings and all industrial in-plant fittings. Please consult our Catalogue link to access our library and tools.

WESTLUND/EMCO Water Solutions carries a complete scope of fittings in threaded, socketweld, plain end, butt weld, and Victaulic Grooved connections. Call WESTLUND/EMCO Water Solutions when looking for 45s 90s, in SR, LR or 3R Long Tangent bends. WESTLUND/EMCO Water Solutions is familiar with 180 Return Bends, Reducing and Street Elbows, Eccentric and Concentric Reducers, Y-Laterals, Standard Tees, Reducing Tees, Caps, Crosses, Stub Ends, Bushings, Standard and Reducing Couplings, Half Couplings, Reducing Inserts, and Unions. WESTLUND/EMCO Water Solutions can quickly supply Orifice Unions in Cup or Plate style. We carry an extensive arrangement at WESTLUND/EMCO Water Solutions of weld-o-lets, sock-o-lets, thread-o-lets, nipple-o-lets, latr-o-lets and elb-o-lets and specialty length couplings, hex and bull plugs. We also provide specialty fittings such as lap joints, Y-laterals, stub ends, rings, crotch tees and barred tees.

Flanges are stocked at WESTLUND/EMCO Water Solutions: 150, 300, 400, 600, 900, 1500 and 2500 ANSI ratings Class A,B,E,D,F. Options of Full Face, (FF), Raised Face (RF) and Ring Type Joint (RTJ, Weldnecks (WN), Socket Weld (SW), Slip-on (SO) and Threaded (NPT) Flanges. We also carry at WESTLUND/EMCO Water Solutions, Hub Blinds or ANSI Blinds can be supplied plain, but they are also available with specialty drilled thread or SW taps. WESTLUND/EMCO Water Solutions are experts in expansion flanges, reducing flanges and specialty lap joints. Plate Flanges to your spec or AWWA C-207, Tank Flanges. Call WESTLUND/EMCO Water Solutions for “built to spec” Long Necks, Reducing Flanges, Orifice Flanges, Lap Joints, Spacer Rings, Spec Blinds, and all types of Flange Adapters.

Carbon Steel

Forged fittings in 2000, 3000, 6000 and 9000 lb rating, threaded and socket-weld, and are available in Standard and High Yield Grades, A105N, ASTM 350 LF2 and galvanized. WESTLUND/EMCO Water Solutions carries welded fittings in ASTMA234 WPB, A420 WPL6, Grade 359, S40, S80, S160, STD, XH, and XXH.

Malleable Fittings

Black and Galvanized. 90s, 45s, Street Elbows, Unions, Tees, Reducing Tees, Full Couplings Reducing Couplings, Solid and Cored Plugs, Crosses, Caps, Classes 150 and 300 are available at WESTLUND/EMCO Water Solutions.

Ductile Iron Fittings

WESTLUND/EMCO Water Solutions is the leader of supply for: ASTM A536, A746, ANSI/AWWA C110/A21.10, C153/A21.53, C104/A21.4, C115/A21.15, C111/A21.11, C150/A21.5, C151/A21.51, C105/A21.5, C600, C606, ANSI B16.1, UL/FM, UL/NSF-61, Cement Lined, Epoxy Coated, Asphaltic Seal Coat, Prime Coat, Flanged, Grooved, Mechanical Joint.

Merchant Steel

Our mechanical fittings at WESTLUND/EMCO Water Solutions include malleable iron in 150# and 300# in both standard and galvanized configurations, API merchant couplings, black nipples, and weld-in tank flanges.


Call WESTLUND/EMCO Water Solutions for Welded A53 Gr F, ERW, Seamless A106B, A333 Gr 6, Stainless Steel 304L, 316L and Special Alloy. Plain End, NPT or Groove We have a large selection of seamless nipples in threaded both end, plain both end, and thread and plain configurations in XH, S160 and XXH as A106, and A333, and 316SS. WESTLUND/EMCO Water Solutions also has a variety of swages in S40, S80, S160 and XXH in A234 WPB and A420 WPL6, 304 and 316 stainless in PBE, TBE and combinations of thread, beveled and plain.

Swage Nipples

Black, Stainless and Galvanized Concentric and Eccentric. Plain end, Threaded end, Grooved End can all be supplied by WESTLUND/EMCO Water Solutions

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Gaskets supplied by WESTLUND/EMCO Water Solutions: Spiral Wound, Corrugated and Inner Rings, Non-Asbestos, Red Rubber, Viton, Teflon, Neoprene, Buna, EPDM, Silicone, SBR, Full Face, API Ring Joint.


Rubber and Metal Braided Expansion Joints, Rigid and Flexible Connectors. WESTLUND/EMCO Water Solutions is a preferred supplier of Victaulic


WESTLUND/EMCO Water Solutions can supply B7/2H, B7M/2HM, B8/8, B8M/8M in class I and II available in ANSI sizes in Standard or Custom Length Studs.


Threaded Rod, Strut Channel, and Seismic Bracing products are supplied by WESTLUND/EMCO Water Solutions. Also available is Ready Rod, U-bolts, Split Rings, 2 bolt Pipe Clamps, Riser Clamps, Clevis Hangers in both light and heavy duty, Roller Hangers, Custom clamps and Hangers, and Pipe shoes.


EMCO Corporation allows WESTLUND/EMCO Water Solutions to offer Radiant and Wet Heat, Cone Strainers, Basket Strainers, Linkseals, Repair Clamps, Insulation Kits, Steam Traps, Chain Wheels, Drains, Gauges and Thermowells, Pipe Plugs, Pipe Protectors, Service Box Rods, Glue, Teflon Tape, Pipe Thread Lubricants and Compounds.

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