Newmans and Westlund share the mutual goal of providing quality products that meet or exceed our client’s specifications at a commercially acceptable price range in the required time frame. The common goal of “Customer First” makes the Westlund / Newmans team a formidable combination.


Newmans is recognized as a global valve manufacturing company providing reliability on a world-wide basis. The NEWCO, OIC and COOPER trademarks are recognized and respected the world over for their high quality and ability to meet the industry’s most exacting standards. Newmans manufactures and markets one of the industry’s broadest product lines for downstream solutions. Newmans’ engineering staff is fully committed to excellence and product innovation. Superior customer service is backed by inventories of finished valves shipped daily from the nine Newmans strategic global locations including Westlund Newfoundland inventory.


It is our goal to be known and respected in the Industry as “The Reliable Valve Source” for our extensive knowledge and superior service. Measured by keeping our word, Westlund and Newmans will deliver quality products on time at a fair value. We achieve the above dealing with integrity in an open and flexible environment allowing people access to valuable information to make good and timely decisions. We believe that all this can be accomplished yielding great rewards for all involved.


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