Westlund/EMCO Water Solutions

Profit Center # 326
Contact: watersolutions@westlundpvf.com
Phone: (905) 624-4575
Fax: (888)-930-0520
Website: westlundpvf.com/watersolutions

Water Solutions is a hybrid of EMCO Waterworks and Westlund, officially named:
WESTLUND/EMCO Water Solutions

In January 2013, a joint venture was formed within the EMCO Corporation to offer contractors and end users, the ability to sole source their materials for the water treatment and wastewater industry. Water Solutions distributes pipe, valves and fittings (PVF) and other related equipment found “inside the fence” of the water and wastewater plants, reservoirs and pumping stations.

Our core distribution operational model offers proficiency in quoting, sourcing, and shipping product nationally. The ability to access the incredible mix of vendor channels within the EMCO Corporation provides the foundation to satisfy a complete bill of material unlike any other wholesaler in Canada.

Water Solutions offers a high level of professionalism and expertise by delivering our “specialists servicing specialists” assistance. Our strong cross-company relationships with numerous WESTLUND and EMCO profit centers across the country allow us to provide expertise in the market by utilizing our network of knowledge, local inventory and order execution with decentralized grassroots decision making and control.

The name “Water Solutions” really characterizes us as who we are, and what we do for our clients: we provide supply solutions in almost any material! We have two main offices in Canada, one in Western Canada and one in Eastern Canada. Contact us at: watersolutions@westlundpvf.com to experience why we are the leader in PVF supply.

Meet our Water Solutions Team:

Trisha Cummings, Water Solutions Profit Center Manager

Trisha is a second generation to the Industrial Industry. She is a NAIT Student of Chemical Engineering 2000, Class IV Power Engineering. Trisha has been in sales for over 20 years and has been with Westlund since 2003. Prior to joining Westlund, she gained experience in operations at several facilities as a plant operator. She came to Westlund as valve specialist in Edmonton, but over the years has taken positions as Senior Inside Sales, Major Project Quotations, Outside Account Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Calgary Profit Center Manager and has become an expert in many additional areas in the industry.

Michael Wieland, Water Solutions National Project Manager

Mike joined EMCO Corporation in 1986, and considered an icon to the In-Plant Water and Waste Water Industry. He is committed to WESTLUND/EMCO Water Solutions’s strategic priority to create an environment of World Class Expertise in product knowledge and commitment to service. Projects across Canada rely on Mike not only for his exceptional logistics expertise, but also his product sourcing experience, and as innovative solution provider. WESTLUND/EMCO
Water Solutions is Canada’s top choice for “INSIDE THE FENCE”, complete bill of sourcing, for your in-plant projects.

Danielle Horne Danielle Horne, Western Canada Project Manager

Danielle Horne, Water Solutions Western Canada Project Manager Danielle joins the Westlund/EMCO Water Solutions team with 7 years’ experience from the EMCO Plumbing division. During her tenure at EMCO, her expertise evolved into becoming a specialist in the sewage industry. Danielle is a member of Alberta On-Site Waste Management Association, and participates in teaching the certification course for private sewage designers and installers. In addition to her AOWMA membership, she holds an elected Director position on the 2015 Board of Directors. Danielle has a passion for customer service and for the water/waste water treatment industry, and she looks forward to managing and supporting your company’s projects .

Mutsa Matanga Mutsa Matanga, Sales Development Trainee

Mutsa Matanga graduated from McGill University in 2013 and earned a degree in Chemical Engineering. Her internships in the mining industry enabled her to develop a strong foundation of essential skills required to succeed our Sales Development Program. Before joining Westlund, she followed her passion for film and cinema by working in small roles on various television and film productions. Westlund/Emco Water Solutions is committed to finding and developing teammates into world class leaders. The program offers the opportunity to be part of an extensive national distribution network and have exposure to all levels of operations and decision making. Mutsa is a dynamic individual with a strong commitment to learning and is excited to be a part of the Water Solutions team.

Nathan Law Nathan Law, Management Trainee

Hello everyone! My full name is Nathan Law, but you can just call me Nate. I earned a Medical Physics degree from the University of Western Ontario and enjoyed a yearlong placement at Lawson Research Institute. During this time, I led an initiative using mathematical modelling to examine the feasibility of 3-D printing elbow prostheses. Over the past 6 years, I’ve also had the opportunity to develop my photofinishing business, Nate Law Photo. I provided space, equipment, and various services to support Canadian artists between London and Toronto. In addition to numbers and technology, I love photography and the darkroom process.

Aside from school and work, my favorite pastimes include running, cycling, and Olympic weightlifting. I can’t wait to channel this energy and my experiences into the EMCO Management Development Program !


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